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World Studies Connects with Denmark

27 Jan

Can You Read Danish?

Danish students at Han Herreders Ungdomsskole school (a private boarding school) are communicating with Shaka House World Studies Honor students.  Danish teachers-administrators (Christina Pedersen and Flemming Pedersen) crossed the Atlantic to visit our World Studies classes in December.  Now we have connected the students so they can learn from each other in preparation for Danish students’ visit here next year.  We look forward to sharing thoughts about customs and ideals, as we look outside our respective country’s boundaries. 

Students will act by sharing pictures and comments on this post, as well as sharing private correspondence via email, Facebook and other weblinks.  Stay tuned.

Check out Han Herreders Ungdomsskole webpage here.


Shaka Connects with United Nations and Cambodia – FreeRice

21 Sep

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Go to FreeRice.com and you, too, can learn geography, put the United Nations’ World Food Program to task, and help feed people who really need some help.  We did all this without leaving “our house.”  Shaka!


International Peace Day

18 Sep

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Shaka students celebrate International Peace Day, September 21, by skyping with classes in Uruguay and Pakistan.  Students cross cultures by sharing their definitions of “peace,” their culture’s best quotes regarding “peace,” and swap stories about actions they are taking to build peace.  Click here to see how it started.

Here’s a reflection Erika wrote after skyping with the class in Uruguay: 

                          “Peace starts with we.  We think unerringly the same, although we live so far away. We are not the only ones striving for peace.  We are not the only ones taking action.  We are not alone. “

See Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day, Facebook Page where he shares Shaka House’s story of skyping with students in Pakistan.