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World Studies Connects with Spain and Russia

18 Feb

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Our World Studies students are using skype, email and Facebook to engage in a cultural exchange with high school students in one school in northern Spain and two schools in Russia.  Our Russia exchange grew out of the Russian students’ and our students’ mutual interest in International Peace Day.  See the students of the British Club of Magnitogorsk, Russia, upping the ante for us by hosting an International Peace Day Conference in Magnitogorsk.  On February 22, we skyped with them about “peace” and “what youth can do to promote peace.”  They left us feeling hopeful that the world can become more peaceful through the use of this technology.  The second Russian school we are excited to be exchanging ideas with is “Gymnasium Number 4,” in Velikiy Novgorod, Russia.  Watch the Gymnasium No. 4 students speaking  English here.  More details forthcoming….


Invisible Children Come to Shaka House

4 Nov

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Shaka House and the Freshman Academy hosted an all-day human rights event:  Invisible Children.  Oganda Kuzito, a refugee from the 20-year Ugandan Civil War taught us about the war, how cellphones are  helping to end it, and actions our students can take to bring peace to remote villages in Central African Republic, South Sudan and D.R. Congo.  Click here to learn more.

International Peace Day

18 Sep

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Shaka students celebrate International Peace Day, September 21, by skyping with classes in Uruguay and Pakistan.  Students cross cultures by sharing their definitions of “peace,” their culture’s best quotes regarding “peace,” and swap stories about actions they are taking to build peace.  Click here to see how it started.

Here’s a reflection Erika wrote after skyping with the class in Uruguay: 

                          “Peace starts with we.  We think unerringly the same, although we live so far away. We are not the only ones striving for peace.  We are not the only ones taking action.  We are not alone. “

See Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day, Facebook Page where he shares Shaka House’s story of skyping with students in Pakistan.