About Shaka House

Shaka House is home to the freshman at South Medford High School, in Medford, Oregon. 

“Shaka” is our motto.  It means, “Hang loose – people care for you.”  Our method for success is:  think, act, communicate and learn.  It’s a cycle, like our ocean’s currents.

Here you’ll see where our methods crest in a beautiful wave.  So grab your board and surf our site:

1.  See examples of our work;

2.  Communicate your thoughts by posting your comments;

3.  Learn how you can join our actions to improve our world.



One Response to “About Shaka House”

  1. Kassie Hasse November 19, 2011 at 10:12 pm #

    When the Invisible Children came, I really wanted to go out and help in every way I could. It made me stop and think about what I had and didnt need like those kids in Uganda.People can say they don’t care about everything that happened but when you think about it, how would you like it if your kid got sent away to fight in war and possible get killed? You wouldnt like it. So why say you dont care? Everything that has happened in world studies should show you, you’re lucky. 4th period, got to video chat with a teacher in Pakastan. And they are getting bombed everyday. Its 9/11 everyday there. And we, the United States, are doing that. But they are willing to talk to us. People say courage, forgivness, I say, Its not OUR fault. We arent the ones in the planes dropping them. They probably wouldnt want to talk to the president or anything. I personally get mad at the people who commit sucide and everything. Yeah, people would die for your life, but that doesnt mean you die. Love your life and be grateful for what you have.

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