Shaka Gets “Mathy”

21 Oct

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Sometimes we need to change the way we measure things.  For example, sometimes we measure things in inches, but need to convert to feet; or, grams but we need to convert to pounds.  Ms. Stover’s math wizards teach us how.  Click on the a group below to learn (get ready for fancy name…) “Unit Conversion Using Dimensional Analysis.”

 Adryianna’s  Group

Ronnie’s Group

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2 Responses to “Shaka Gets “Mathy””

  1. David Lefkowitz October 21, 2011 at 4:02 pm #

    Hey, this is mind boggling. How did you do that? I’m going to watch this again.

  2. stephericor October 25, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

    The most important feature of DA is getting your units of measure (U/M) to cancel out leaving only the U/M that you want. The math is the very LAST thing you do. get the units right first and save yourself a lot of extra work and heartburn! E.g. if you want to arrive at grams from pounds, every U/M in your string of calculations must cancel each other leaving only grams. And here is the beauty…if you can’t get it to all cancel out, YOU HAVE SOMETHING IN THE WRONG PLACE! Fix it then do the math. Cupcake, my lords and ladies of Math Kingdom. My best to the queen of the math hop, Ms. Stacey Stover.
    DR Old Cool J

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